Marina Puck

Promo animation for Wuprohyd and town of Puck, presenting planned marina and breakwaters.


I was working on interior design and working design for this project together with Magda Czauderna. Lasting over 1.5 year project of a boutique hotel was extremly challenging. Eighteenth…

Container Ship Maneuvering in DCT Gdańsk

Educational animation for Gdynia Maritime University showing stages of containter ship maneuvering in DCT Gdańsk

Port of Gdańsk

Refurbishment and a new interior design for Port of Gdańsk. Project finished together with Grupa Malaga.  

House extension

Architectural project – house extension. The next stage was an interior design of a new floor. Interactive 360 panoramas

Private villa – Osłonino

I was working on extension and refurbishment project of villa at the Puck Bay.

Mission ‘Prawie’ Impossible – Short

Preview of an animated movie series, made in 3D – modelling, rigging, character animation, post-production

Sanus Dentes

Interior design of a dentist clinic is a difficult technical task but when a view from it is like this one has to take it into account too….

3d showreel

Commercial 3D works by Green Table. Modelling, animation, montage, design by Green Table. Liquid animation, character animation, autostereoscopic animation, architectural animation, video tracking .. and more…

Arrinera Short

3D environment, image matching and animation – for new super car – Arrinera